Alternators & Dynamos These are our latest range of products. All alternators are brand new. We now list more: Race alternators, Chrome alternators for show and custom purposes VW dynamos. Larger range of replacements for standard applications.

Positive Earth Alternators.
We can now supply any alternator or Dynator in a Positive earth configuration. Please Contact us for details.

Autoglym Car Care Products Car owners are as individualistic as the vehicles they drive. For some owners, cars are their passion and they would not dream of being seen in a less than pristine vehicle. Others may just want to maintain their vehicles in reasonable condition without too much effort.

When you consider that a car is often the second largest investment, next to a home, the significance of good maintenance is not surprising.

Cars that have been well maintained mechanically and aesthetically retain their value and appeal. This can have a significant positive financial impact when you want to change models.

Whilst a reasonable visual result is sometimes possible from infrequent attention, the perceptive purchaser will easily spot the telltale signs of long-term neglect.

A little regular care and attention will help retard ageing and minimise wear and tear on external and internal surfaces. All Autoglym Premium Car Care products are technically advanced, quick and easy to use and give you the finest results possible.

Automotive Distributors New to our product range are distributors which replace the original LUCAS, FORD, DUCELLIER and DELCO types fitted to many British vehicles from the fifties onwards.

The distributors listed are all brand new and individually checked and tested.

These distributors do not have tachometer drives, if you need a tachometer drive on the distributor then we will have to rebuild yours. Most competition cars will use an electronic tachometer and in that instance these distributors will be fine.

Prices quoted are for standard specification distributors with push on vacuum connectors.
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Automotive Starter Motors Magnetic Gear Reduction Starter Motor units.

Check out our prices on the Rover V8 starter fitted to many sports cars over the years, these are are brand new lightweight permanent magnet motors.

Our latest starter is for the MGF and Lotus Elise, this is a brand new 1.1kw permanent magnet motor which replaces the standard unit. The prices are very competitive. We also list the high power unit which is a 1.4kw permanent magnet motor for extreme conditions.

Although not listed we do offer a full back up service for all units and also have access to a large stock of component parts.

Classic Car Batteries Classic Black batteries for classic vehicles including hard rubber case batteries with variable terminal, plate and layout options matching the original specifications.

These batteries have been extensively used for many years by local authorities, fire and ambulance brigades and long distance inter-continental hauliers.

We can also supply a complete range of polypropylene cased batteries for modern vehicles.

If you don't see the size you require among our product lists, please contact us.

Sealey Power Tools Sealey Power Tools

Sealey was established in 1979 by John Sealey with a range of jacking and lifting equipment imported from Denmark. From the small beginnings the business now boasts over 5000 product lines and employs over 250 staff.

The business is based in Bury St Edmunds and our warehouse boasts the biggest stocks in the business giving a wide choice with fast delivery.